Dealing With False Sex Crime Allegations

Dealing With False Sex Crime Allegations

Sex crime charges are some of the most serious and humiliating charges in the world. Not only are the fines and penalties very hefty but the allegations can cause you other serious consequences such as loss of work, jail sentence, and an irreparable reputation. Their effects are especially damning for an individual who has been falsely accused.

Instances of false sex crime allegations

There are many reasons why someone would frame someone else of a sex crime including hurt from broken relationship, malice, attention-seeking and revenge. Some of the instances where people have found themselves with false sex crime charges include:

    • Sexual conduct with a minor unknowingly.
    • Consensual sex with a person who then later changes their mind.
  • Being set-up by a colleague in order to get fired.
  • Setting up a wealthy person for financial gain.
  • Young girls avoiding to get in trouble with their parents.
  • Mistaken identity.
  • Mentally ill person claiming to have been assaulted by the first person they see.

What to do when falsely accused of a sex crime

Whether you have committed the crime or not, the first step you should take when such a charge is made is to contact a criminal attorney. Due to the severity and frequency of sex cases, police officers and prosecutors will take unimaginable steps to prove that you committed the crime. It is therefore, imperative that you protect yourself from saying the wrong thing to the wrong person. Although getting a lawyer may seem like assuming guilt, it is the only wise thing to do in such a case as the lawyer will give you sound advice and guidance.

Is there hope after sex crime allegations?

Unlike other crimes in society, sex crime charges can literally ruin any chance of having a normal life again. If the crime is too severe, the offender is required to register as a sex offender and, in some states, live in a particular location. Most people and companies will not hire or even be associated with sex offenders and someone can find themselves very isolated when they are not being attacked. Indeed, getting yourself good legal counsel can be the difference between you being registering as a sex offender or being exonerated.

How a lawyer can help with false sex crime charges

In most instances, people who allege sexual assault don’t intend for it to go to court. After the anger and the confusion subside, the plaintiff can be persuaded by the lawyer to tell the truth and drop the charges. For those who do not comply willingly, a good lawyer will use all available resources to gather evidence against the vindictive person and prove that the charges are false.

Dealing with false sex crime charges is by no means easy. However, with professional help, such as from Keller Law Offices, you can have the charges dropped early enough before sentencing. Make sure to only deal with lawyers who have years of experience dealing with sex crimes and helping other people get lesser fines.

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