Groupon Statistics – 9+ Million Users! Why?

Groupon Statistics – 9+ Million Users! Why?

Over the years, Groupon has turned into one of the finest and most wanted applications. The application is receiving serious traction from the mobile world. If you are thinking about start-ups that have the ability to attract a huge amount of capitals, Groupon tops the list! The application has adequate capital for both merchant and customer acquisition. Indeed, it is a leader in mobile apps industry. The Chicago-based deals company was able to make it to the list of top 25 applications in a very short time!  This can be attributed to its unique visitors and increasing fame in the virtual world. So, how did Groupon become popular? How did the dealings company attract virtual traffic?

A Recent Study on Groupon Mobile Application

Experts believe that the mobile application has more than 9 million users. Most of these users are impressed by the application’s intuitive and comprehensive nature. The application is simple to use and has a classic UI. As Groupon celebrated its 5th year anniversary, it diverted a sensible amount of money into UI development. According to sources, the application’s website and mobile app were completely redesigned. It received new options for searching and merchandising. Of course, many add-on features like location services were included too! Use Groupon promo code from Rebates Zone.

Prime Reasons Behind Groupon’s Fame!

The new Groupon application is extremely fast and sophisticated. It has a new look and feels! Consequently, a lot of mobile users are excited about the new look. They love to use the new site and enjoy its deals. The application begins with a “Text Box” where an email address has to be entered. It is quite interesting to note that the website flows seamlessly. All the updates blend and match with current features perfectly. That means users are not given sudden surprises. This keeps customers glued to the mobile application. Few notable features in the new Groupon application are: cross-channel search, search filters, search bar (that is displayed on every page), auto complete features and the ability personalize your home page. As mentioned previously, the new Groupon application detects mobile location. This location is used to send local deals to the user. The feature is enabled for Android and iOS users. If you are using an iPad, you will see a search bar on all the screens. The search bar is believed to provide a personalized experience (quite similar to what is seen on the app’s web version). Analysts claim that these features have given Groupon a steady customer base. More and more users are downloading the application for its stunning deals, amazing UI and personalized experience. At checkout use Groupon Coupons.

The Ultimate Bottom Line

There are plenty of reasons why Groupon has achieved more than 9 million mobile app users. The application becoming extremely famous with time. It is rich in capital and is offering a perfect user interface experience. The application is here to stay and allure more hearts! It wouldn’t be long before the mobile application strikes 50+ million mobile users.

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