Could a Successful Marketing Campaign Work without a Blog?

A question that is often asked on Content Marketing is: we’re using a lead page to capture subscribers. So, where does the blog come in? And does the blog drives traffic to the lead page?

Firstly, blogs have CTA banners and CTA links that drive traffic to the lead page. CTA stands for call-to-action and is generally an image or line of text that prompts viewers to make an action. An example of this is: “click here”.

The blog is used in an email to nurture what goes out, so from email, people would come back to the blog to engage. Furthermore, posting to social media drives traffic to the blog, and from there to lead page or to capture the designated audience.

Being referred by any cold site visitor decides how good the company is. This helps to improve the conversion rate. In the long run, if done right it can make them the leader in the industry and get featured in places, which can get massive traffic or other revenue avenues.

Hence, the blog plays a vital role in campaign marketing. But a campaign can run without a blog if that is what is desired.

Although, using a blog has become basic these days. To me, a perfect piece of content is something that is not a duplicate. Not regarding Google’s duplicate checks, but concerning the value of information there. If that info is available elsewhere, it kills the reason why someone has to visit a certain website multiple times. But to write such pieces, I know companies spend five-figure sums on each piece of content. But at a lower cost, you can quickly get the same response, especially in the hands of someone with professional experience.

The content has to stand out and be influential. Online games such as roulette UK thrive when it comes to high-end content. They ensure that visitors have an enjoyable experience. Similar to this, your blog has to add something new and tangible.

Mostly it needs to be memorable and useful, leaving a positive impact on the consumer. The key word to focus your efforts on has to be ‘DISRUPTIVE’. Quite simply digestible, influential, structured, reusable, unique, positive, targeted, identifiable, valuable and engaging.

Content Writing White Paper is another smooth operation that fulfils all the needs of a potential client. This process can work in the highly targeted world of B2B marketing. It works best for those looking to: differentiate themselves from other market competitors or should they exhibit their thought through leadership. They must position themselves better in the minds of their tightly focused audience base who are constantly subjected to other options.

B2B Companies face more indirect threats for their business to be competitive. It’s the content marketing – “know, like and trust” factor from the audience that saves them.B2B sales take longer to close than a traditional B2C. Therefore, it needs a better system to retain and nurture an audience.

Business sales involve more decision makers than an emotional decision made by a B2C audience. So that’s a larger audience to satisfy, and they all have different needs/mindsets which content marketing solves effectively.

Although a blog is undoubtedly crucial in the progression of B2B company, it isn’t unforeseeable that companies that don’t have an interest in using a blog could also be a success should you follow these simple steps.

It’s becoming a saturated market. Everybody is blogging. In other words, it’s getting nearly impossible to get large amounts of organic traffic unless your site already has a high domain authority.

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