5 Things That Make Your Train Journey Really Memorable

Train journeys are always an experience in itself. It helps you meet new people, learn new things and explore nature in the best way. Unlike plane journeys, when the transition is too quick to be noticed or enjoyed, train journeys have a natural pace that make them really a fun experience. Things that add to the fun surely are things you do during your journey by train. Here we have listed out a few things that make the train journey even more exciting:


No train journey can really be complete without some good books. It is the most exciting thing to read a good crime mystery while the train is moving. Sleeping on the train’s birth enjoying the novel counts as a memorable experience for sure. That is why when you plan a train journey, don’t forget to pack your favourite novels and comic books. It is also fun to exchange books with snewly made friends on train.


The best part of train journey is the type of landscapes you may pass enroute. A train is the only vehicle that can make the journey up a hill and through a tunnel look equally exciting. If you carry your binoculars along, you can explore each of nature’s miracles in great detail through these looking glasses. You can actually see in detail the feathers of a kingfisher perched on a lone branch in the middle of the river. You can observe some wild animals at close quarters as the train passes through forest areas. All these memories will remain with you for life.

Rummy Card Game

One of the most loved games is surely rummy card game. Most people in India know how to play atleast one variation of the game. The game is easy to learn and has a flexibility in the count of players. As the game also teaches some special skills like organising and guessing, it is really loved by most. Carry your pack of cards with you to enjoy the train ride making new friends by playing cards.

Ghost Stories at Night

If you have a few friends in the nearby compartments, gather them together. Then one by one, start narrating ghost stories as if they were real life experiences. The train compartments are not usually well lit in the night hours. Imagine speaking out spooky stories and then going back to bed half scared. Most people listening to the stories are scared too but do not wish to accept it openly. Whole incident will remain as fun moments of the train journey when you look back.

An Array of Interesting Snack Packs

Foodies will be foodies, be it a train journey or a life journey. Make sure you pack enough snacks to have while you are travelling. It is fun to munch into your pack of snacks while enjoying the changing sceneries from the train window. Good food adds to the flavour of every train journey.

If you do not know how to play rummy, learn it before you venture for the journey. Visit KhelplayRummy and create an account. Play many rounds of rummy so that you learn it well before you start your journey. The best part of this rummy app is that you can play on it 24 hours a day if you have a proper internet connection. So, wait no more! Practice to win more games.

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