Explore the Best of Parcel Sending to US and More

There are many entrepreneurs who have a virtual shop, an e-commerce, but they have big problems in the logistics of the packages of products sold: here is how to choose the best courier for their needs.

Which best courier for deliveries?

The first operation consists in choosing the carrier that will ship: it is an important step as it will probably be the only point of physical contact between you and the customer, so you cannot fail on this point.

To these companies for deliveries of packages, there are several websites that give the same service, like,, and that act as intermediaries, choosing the best solution independently. For the perfect parcel to USA this is the best option that you can have now.

Most famous courier logos

Warning: many companies do not deliver in certain areas of Italy because they are not served by adequate roads or because some houses are too isolated and would waste time for those who deliver. In other cases, deliveries on the islands, have costs that cancel the revenue for the seller then take it into account.

An advice then that I can share with you, if you are interested in finding a carrier of deliveries is to be on the side of the customers, meaning that, when a customer, who orders your products, tells you who should deliver the package has pretended to pass (not to waste time and maybe come back later) citing the excuse that there was nobody in the house, while this was not true, try to defend your rights towards the delivery company to which you support and protest, otherwise you could lose money and customers just because people have to stay at home for days or go and get the goods at the warehouse just because someone decided that your parcels were not important.

Percentage of freight forwarders most used by e-commerce

So, leaving the previous disgrace, we start by saying that to choose the shipping carrier, you must make an appointment with each courier, do not stop at the first, so you can know the prices and any other useful information to your business. Always specify the type of items to sell and an average shipment per month. In case of the International parcel shipping this is important.

What are the criteria for choosing the shipper

Since the choice of courier is not easy, consider the price of the service at first instance, which is the element that has most impact on your business, then consider the speed of delivery, because today customers want the service for which they pay both what is presented: if you say that the delivery will take place within 48 hours must not take a week.

Another important point to consider is reliability and attention during transport, so no broken or undelivered packages. Many e-commerce managers rely on multiple couriers to use convenient services depending on the order and destination. What should be borne in mind is the presence or otherwise of additional services such as delivery to the floor, pick-up at third parties such as shops, bars, stationery shops, and so on.

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