Why You Should Install Onboard Scales

A truck driver can determine the weight of the truck by either driving over an in-ground scale or by using an onboard scale. It’s important to know the weight of the truck for operational safety, to avoid penalties, as well as to maximize on the profits.

Onboard scales are not new in tracking vehicle weight. However, over the years, improvements have been made to the scales. Today you will find onboard scales installed in trucks with either air or spring suspensions. You can visit to shop for scales.

Types of Onboard Scales

There are 4 main types of onboard scales available that use either the load cell or air suspension technologies.

  • Load cell scales.
  • Air suspension PSI gauges.
  • Air suspension load scales.
  • Electronic scales with PSI sensors.

Why Install Onboard Scales?

Onboard truck weighing systems have gained popularity in their use to determine vehicle weight. Let us look at the reasons why their applications have been expanding:

  1. Vehicle Efficiency

The scales optimize vehicle efficiency by making it possible for you to carry the maximum load on every trip. This will also maximize the profits.

  1. Eliminate Overweight Fines

This is a huge advantage associated with the use of onboard scales. When you don’t pay fines and penalties you end up saving a lot of money.  

  1. Transfer Trailer Load Weight

You do not have to wait in long queues to weigh your truck; this could lead to unnecessary operating and fuel costs. By loading to the maximum weight the first time, you save manpower and energy. You do not have to off-load and then re-load again in order for you to get the right weight.

  1. Costs and Vehicle Life

Using onboard scales will ultimately increase the vehicle’s life because it will always carry the load that it was designed to carry. A vehicle always has specified capacity that it can carry. As a result, the vehicle will require minimal maintenance; saving you money.

  1. Safety and Liability

Keeping the weight within the legal limits ensures that the driver has full control of the truck at all times. An overloaded truck has difficulty negotiating corners and also has a longer braking distance.

  1. Driver Retention

One way to obtain and retain drivers is by providing them with tools that make their work easier. Onboard weighing systems are an assurance of safety to drivers.

  1. Operation Efficiency

Knowing the weight of your truck will help you make better decisions in terms of the number of cycles, billing, and the route to follow.

  1. Accuracy and Simplicity

The scales can get very accurate weights of up to 0.5% accuracy. Also, operating the scales; they become active once the truck is turned on and display the weight on the screen automatically.

  1. No Downtime

These scales have minimal cabling and there is no junction box as well. With onboard weighing systems, downtime is a thing of the past.

  1. Digital Display

The onboard scales have a digital display where they show the weight. These screens remain on as long as the vehicle is on.

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