Why Is The AgilePM® Methodology So Popular?

Why Is The AgilePM® Methodology So Popular?

Set the standard

The AgilePM® has set the standard for Project Management qualification everywhere. It is recognised across all industries as an accredited project management course, and is internationally recognised as the standard of teaching good practice and the skills necessary for successful Project Management.

Flexible and adaptable

The reason for its popularity is that it is flexible and responsive to changes in industry and can be customised to any project in any field. The AgilePM® approach does not change completely or require those changes to be applied to every aspect of the project. It can be integrated with other approaches to get the desired outcome.

AgilePM® evolves from its tried and tested corporate approach, meaning changes can be implemented when applicable and if necessary to the relevant fields. This means projects are expertly controlled, delivered on time and with a dedication to building firm foundations through communication.

Internationally recognised certification

The Agile Project Management courses are recognised all over the world, in the same country it was given in. The course has proven to be particularly popular in the UK, India, China, Australia, Africa and across Europe. It is available in 18 languages due to its global appeal. If you have been accredited for completing Agile Project Management courses then you will be viable for opportunities anywhere in the world.

Makes you more employable

Firstly, because AgilePM® is globally recognised it instantly makes you more employable because you are internationally employable. Secondly, the skill set taught by Agile Project Management courses will set the foundation for project management approaches you will apply in your future career. Having this foundation shows potential employers that you have the ability to adapt and grow in order to streamline their business and deliver successful projects.

Takes less than a week to complete

You will receive pre-course work to revise two weeks before the start of the Agile Project Management course. AgilePM® is a five day instructor-led course where the methodology will be covered in the first three days, including the foundation exam. The last two days will be spent applying what you have learned in project scenarios and preparing for the AgilePM® practitioner exam.

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