Social Media Strategies: How To Promote Your Book Online

Social Media Strategies: How To Promote Your Book Online

Many people use social media to grow their businesses or promote themselves. If you are trying to build your brand as Deanna DeBarra recommends, this opportunity is great. Before you start, establish what outcome you are looking for, in order to work towards a purpose. Being a writer is one of those jobs where passions are followed. It is soon realised that it takes a lot more hard work than imagined.

Promoting your work is much easier these days as opposed to some decades ago. You are able to reach a ton of people without leaving your house. Many authors use social media to promote their work and are greatly benefitted from doing so. Why not use the net for promoting your work as well? Here are some strategies to help you get started.

Give them a taste

Who doesn’t like free stuff in a world where everything costs a fortune? A great strategy to apply is by giving a snippet from your book for free. This can be a few pages or an entire chapter. You want to make your followers curious after reading that snippet, which could lead to you generating more sales.

Use images

It is said that visual marketing is one of the most effective ways to market online. We as humans tend to focus on images more than text and thus it is a great idea to use this information to promote your book. You can use your book cover, which is a great way of embedding your book title in the brains of others. The more they see it, the more curious they become. You can also add pictures of you at book signings or any promotional content that you have.

Effective hashtags

As much as we want to stop using hashtags, it surely is effective to reach your target audience. Many online users search for specific hashtags daily and you have a better chance of being noticed if you come up in their search results. There are many tools online that will tell you which hashtags are popular on which days, which takes the guesswork out of it. Use an online paraphraser for the rest of your update to make sure that you do not have any errors.

Perfect timing

Who are you trying to reach and at what time would your platforms be the busiest? These are important questions, because if you post at the wrong time, your post might become lost in those that are done afterwards. Find out when the peak times are and schedule your updates for then. You want to reach as many of your followers as possible and timing is very important.

Powerful headlines

When it comes to the online world, you want to grab the attention of your readers quickly. You might have great content when promoting, but if your headline is dead, then you won’t get as many readers as you want. Social media is fast paced and you need to keep up. Hit your followers with a powerful headline that they just can’t resist clicking on. You stand a better chance of engaging your audience by using strong headlines.

Don’t over promote

If your first try does not result in a ton of sales, do not give up just yet. It takes time to build a brand and promote a product. You do not want to become that overbearing promoter, but you also do not want to be forgotten. There are other ways you can still stay in contact with your followers. How about sharing some interesting and informative content. It is important to know your readers and what they are looking for. This is the last thing you want.


As a writer, you know that you need a free online paraphrasing tool and a host of other helpful tools to free yourself of some stress. On the flip side, you also need to know what to do once your book is completed. This is where many writers are lost, because let’s face it, we are writers, not marketers. With the online world, this has become so much easier and we no longer need to pay for this service. You are also more passionate about your own work than anyone ever would be. It’s easier for you to pour your heart into getting your book promoted. The results will be more positive and you can have the satisfaction of knowing that you did so all by yourself. Good luck with promoting your book and trust me, social media is an effective way of doing so.

Melinda Harmon is a content manager at paraphrase site and she is an amateur guest post writer. She is fond of writing, traveling and painting. Her motto is “Believe you can and you’re halfway there.”

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