How to Improve Your Landing Page’s Conversion Rate

When you talk about landing pages, you should also be talking about conversions. While every page on your website should help with conversions, it is the landing pages that make the most impact and therefore requires the most focus.

The problem that most companies face today is that while they may have a lot of traffic on their various landing pages that traffic is not leading to conversions as expected. On average, most landing pages deliver 2% to 3% conversion rates. However, the best landing pages can generate as much as 10% conversion rate. How are they doing so? Here are a few tips on how to improve your landing page’s conversion rate:

  • Headline

The first thing a visitor sees when they hit your landing page is the headline. Statistics show that only 2 out of every 10 people read beyond the headline of a page. Therefore, your headline should be so compelling that visitors will want to continue reading what’s on your page.

You can even use the EMV Value Headline Analyzer to test how strong your headline is.

  • Testimonials & Reviews

When prospective customers see positive testimonials and reviews about your product, the chances of them converting is usually higher. However, brief, vague testimonials tend to be off-putting rather than attractive. Ensure that the testimonials on your landing page are detailed descriptions of what your customers liked about your page, and how your product or service helped them.

  • Lead Capture Form

A landing page usually contains a lead capture form. It is critical to ensure that that form is not too long. Studies have shown that the longer the lead capture form, the lower your conversion rates. Design your capture form as simple and attractive as possible – it can really make a difference to your conversion rates.    

  • Remove All Distractions

There is something called the Zeigarnik Effect, which takes place when there are too many distractions for your brain. So, try to keep your landing page as isolated as possible, meaning ditch those pop-ups, too-big share buttons, flyovers, sidebars, etc. make it clean.

  • Make Your Visitors an Offer They Can’t Refuse

Offer those who visit your landing page something that they just can’t refuse.

  • Call to Action

Ensure that your call to action (CTR) is compelling. Using time-based words such as “today” or “now” can really make a difference to your conversion rate. However, don’t just stick to the usual “Buy Now!”, try unusual and eye-catching calls to action to attract more customers.

When you advertise via banner ads or PPC (such as on sites like, you are spending money from your own pocket. Even if you’ve created a fantastic ad that brings tons of visitors to your website, if the landing page doesn’t convert those visitors, then it would have been a waste of money. So take the time and make the effort to ensure that your landing page is perfect to maximize your conversion rate.

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