Convenient BPM Tools To Supercharge Your Business

With business process management software, you will be able to automate and optimize numerous daily tasks and customer communication without extra expenses.

No matter what the size and specialization of your business is, you know that its management takes pretty much time and effort. How to help your teammates and establish efficient customer communication? Business process management tools can be used to deal with routine tasks, improve client relationships, control sales and marketing campaigns, etc. Read about five prominent business management solutions that provide the full spectrum of different functions and options.


If you need one-for-all solution, consider one of top BPM tools. Bpm’online is a software that helps you to align sales, marketing and customer service on a single CRM platform. What makes people choose this solution?

  1. It ensures multichannel communication with your customers and easily integrates with numerous third-party platforms, applications and social media. Besides, you can track the history of calls, emails, meetings and messages.
  2. User can model and edit all business processes on the platform and follow up their execution. Bpm’online software has open configuration, and users don’t need to be tech savvy or know coding to exploit the program. Besides, custom fields and forms can be created with the help of WYSIWYG tool.
  3. With a special BPM engine, you will be able to make process-driven decisions and analyze data and information in real-time mode. Get recommendations, sales forecasts and other valuable information to develop and improve your business.
  4. The software is compatible with the most widespread platforms (Windows, Linux, Android, iOS) and can be accessed from different devices.

There are different editions of the software with various BPM tools: you can easily find the one that suits your budget and requirements. None of them requires special technical knowledge, but you can always get useful tips and recommendations in a special manual.


Convenient BPM Tools To Supercharge Your Business

If your organization needs a solution for workflow organization and collaboration, you should deploy Timereaction cloud-based software. This platform would be perfect for both small-sized organizations and huge corporations. Your virtual team will have total transparency to monitor and control all business processes starting from concept and finishing by service delivery. Teammates will be able to see tasks in progress, who is executing the missions, leave comments and work collectively to reach excellence.

Besides, such BPM software tool as Timereaction unites spreadsheet, information exchange, workflow automation and teammate communication in one platform. Information gathered from different sources will be synchronized and delivered to users instantly. The Customization tool will give you the opportunity to manage workflows and organize files and content so that it would never be lost. With Timereaction, all of your teammates will be occupied with mission-critical tasks, while routine and repetitive work stays in the past.


Convenient BPM Tools To Supercharge Your Business

This is one of the most flexible and agile solutions in our BPM tools list. With kintone, you don’t just use ready processes – you can create, run and test them freely and adjust while your business is changing and growing. No or almost no coding is required. Notifications and trigger-based alerts will inform your teammates about important events and meetings, and with branched workflows, you will be able to assign tasks to separate departments and teams.

Other key benefits of kintone software include:

  • it can be used on many different devices on iOS, Android, Windows and other platforms;
  • users can create custom fields and filters;
  • access control can be specified for the different groups of users;
  • demo version is available, so you can evaluate the software and decide whether it’s suitable for your organization.

Agreeable prices and easy intuitive interface make this set of BPM tools ideal for companies of different sizes.


Convenient BPM Tools To Supercharge Your Business

Being present on the market for 30 years now, Laserfiche Enterprise Content Management software is used by thousands of organizations around the world. The solution is suitable for:

  • workflow organization;
  • case management;
  • e-signatures;
  • information exchange and sharing.

The platform can also be used to store and access documents. You can easily route, synchronize and process content, create new folders and customize document fields, approve and assign workflows. When documents are deleted, created or edited, an automatic notification will be sent to authorized users. Recurring notifications sent via email will inform users when they should complete the tasks. Finally, the software allows accelerating recurrent and form-based business processes with the help of various BPM tools. There is only one pitfall: you need to pay $500 once to become a happy lifetime user of this software.


Convenient BPM Tools To Supercharge Your Business

Being the one of the best BPM tools for visual process management, Pie greatly helps teams that need simple yet detailed representation of business processes. The name says everything itself: Pie represents process stages and statistics in the form of diagrams and tables, which are very convenient for many users. This program can be used by various industries and departments to execute mission-critical tasks and complex projects together with routine processes.

Pie software differs from other solutions in our BPM tools comparison chart. First, it is simpler to use in complex projects due to the “pie” visual model. Secondly, you can reuse so-called “process recipes” for repeatable projects. Thirdly, the program motivates users to improve recipes and reach excellence.

Easy and productive business is impossible without proper process management. Choose one of these solutions, and your teammates and customers will be endlessly grateful for that. Increased conversions and client loyalty are guaranteed.

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