A Look At Prime & Secondary Pressure-Sensitive Labels For Branded Packaging

A Look At Prime & Secondary Pressure-Sensitive Labels For Branded Packaging

When it comes to marketing a branded product, it’s vital the outer appearance looks just as attractive as what the inside can offer. Many businesses around the world fail in making their packaging look special, and that means the product on the inside that they’ve worked so hard to create isn’t going to get a look in. We don’t like judging a book by its cover, but it’s something we all do when it comes to buying new goods. If you’re looking to perfect your packaging so you can ensure your product fly’s off the shelves, look at the types of labels you’ll be using below so you can set your products apart from the rest.

Prime Labels

The prime label is the one that’s most important, as it’s the one consumers see first and they likely aren’t going to look at the secondary label if they’re already put off. Therefore, this label needs graphics that are going to jump out in consumers’ faces as soon as they look at it. It’s going to be the label that’s the face of your brand, too. So, you need to ensure you pay extra attention to getting the design right. Otherwise, you could have a decent product on the shelf that works wonders but isn’t getting sold because the packaging on the outside isn’t attractive. It’s also crucial you use the right prime labels and packaging to ensure your packaging looks and feels top quality.

Secondary Label

Secondary labels aren’t quite as important as prime labels, but they are there to serve a purpose, so it’s imperative you get the design right. Think of secondary labels as a guide to your product or a description of what’s inside. If consumers are attracted to your product thanks to the prime label, it’s crucial you don’t mess up when it comes to secondary labels that still play a massive role. Contradicting as it may seem, secondary labels are still just as important as prime labels because a good design is still the difference in the product sitting on the shelf collecting dust or sitting in a consumer’s home being enjoyed. But, let’s forget about the design of the secondary label for a second, what about a lack of information? If your product is a food item, you’ll need to ensure your customers know what ingredients it contains and whether anyone with allergies will suffer from consuming the product.

Pressure-Sensitive Labels

Prime and secondary labels generally come as pressure-sensitive labels. This means that, regardless of the size of the packaging and the material used to create it, pressure-sensitive labels can do a job to ensure the packaging looks attractive. Whether you have a drink brand, a frozen meal-for-one, or a new toy for children under five-years-old, pressure-sensitive labels will provide you with the prime and secondary labels your product needs to flourish.

It’s not just the labeling of a package you need to get right; it’s also the material and the size of the packaging you need to think of. However, labels are the things that can make a product attractive or ugly, so you could say they are the items that need to be thought of thoroughly before taking your products to the market.

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