One Chance: How To Make A Great First Impression

One Chance: How To Make A Great First Impression

Making a good impression on someone lasts a lifetime. Once an impression has been made, it is very difficult to reverse it. There are some techniques you can use to help you make a good first impression. It might not be as complicated as you though.

Body Language

Our bodies tell a story that our mouths cannot cover up. I once sat across from someone in a restaurant and while he pretended to be very confident, the folded arms and leg shivers told me something else. When I asked him if he was nervous, he simply said that he was just tired. Now, I don’t know about you, but I’ve never seen a tired person’s leg shivering.

There are some natural body ticks we cannot fight, but it is important to be aware of what your body is up to. Unfold those arms and use it to stop your leg from bouncing up and down. This does not just apply to being nervous, but a lot about our personalities can be sensed through body language.

Make sure that you sit up straight and not slouch, because this could just show that you are intimidated. You might not be feeling any kind of intimidation at all, but remember what your Mom told you and sit up straight.

Respect other’s Space

One way that someone can make a bad first impression is to stand to close to my face. Have you ever met one of these people? They are having a conversation with you and you can literally smell what they had for breakfast. When you are telling me about your essay writing services in Singapore, I would probably listen if you just take a few steps back.

These kind of closeness is reserved for those moment when my best friend want to tell me a juicy story in the presence of others. If we just met, you need to know that I am in a bubble and you are not allowed to enter. This is not only appropriate, but you might not realize how uncomfortable the next person is. Stand at a close enough distance so that you do not have to raise your voice, but far enough so that your conversation does not end in someone politely pushing you back.

Make Eye Contact

One Chance: How To Make A Great First Impression

The next time you speak to someone, pay attention to where their eyes are. Many people do not make eye contact. When you don’t make eye contact with someone, you are missing out on a deeper connection. Making eye contact also shows that you are a trustworthy person. I believe it is only people who have something to hide that avoids eye contact. The eyes are the windows to our souls, so I’m just over here thinking, what does your soul look like?

Be careful what you say

Besides all of the signs your body can send, your mouth should not be left behind. You want to choose your words wisely when you are interacting with others. If you are single and looking for a date, you might have met some characters along the way. Most of the time, you might have been put off by the words that are coming out of those mouths. You can be good looking, but if you have inappropriate things to say, you might lose the battle.

This does not mean that you have to use difficult to understand words and go through the Oxford Dictionary tonight. Just be aware of what you are saying and how you are saying it. The tone of your voice is just as important. If you find yourself getting overly excited in a fancy restaurant, you might not want to shout out ‘power to the people’ just yet.

You do not have to change for anyone, but there is such a thing as manners. Don’t make rude or sexual comments to someone you just met. Be courteous and flexible with your conversation. Someone who is able to talk about various topics is someone interesting and might help you make a good first impression in any situation.

Dress appropriately

One Chance: How To Make A Great First Impression

Not everyone likes to follow this rule because we live in a society that tells us to express ourselves through our appearances. I have nothing against that, but if you are expressing yourself as a homeless person with no soap at home, I might give you the side eye. It does not cost money to look good. You do not have to walk into Chanel or Louis Vuitton to make an impression on people.

There is a difference between looking expensive and looking like you have your life together. As much as we should not be judged by our appearances, the human eye does that in 2 seconds. Look the part if you are auditioning for the part. You can write the best profession essay but if you walk into that office with clothes that is not ironed and hair that hasn’t seen a brush in 2 years, you might not be successful.

Never be late

Sure, life happens and you might not make it to an event on time, but there is this little invention called a mobile phone. If for some unforeseen reason, your apartment is flooding or you lost your thumb, you might be excused. Most of the time, people are late due to poor planning. Don’t you just hate it when a blind date shows up late with the lamest excuse including aliens?

Being on time is a sign of respect  for the other person’s time, so try at all cost to never be late. It starts everything off on a bad note, because people take a while to get their emotions in order.

Airplane mode

I absolutely love that mobile phones have this little function called airplane mode, because it allows us to show some manners at times. This is not just for those rare moments when you find yourself on an aeroplane. It’s not just for when I do my paper Singapore once a year. When you are meeting someone, you might want to use this function to help you stay focused. It takes one ping from our phones to completely distract us. Also, nothing is more annoying than someone who answers their phone when you are in the middle of an important conversation.


It is of course important to say all the right things, but if you are not listening to the other person, you might just want to randomly get up and leave. If you pay attention to what someone is saying, you might have better responses. Not everything is about you and your boat trip you took last summer. Perhaps the other person has something even cooler to tell you.

Trust me, I know when someone pretends to be listening and when they really are. Remember that little tip about eye contact? You might want to insert it here. Respond appropriately, but let the person speak while you keep quiet and actually listen. Pay attention to the emotion behind what they are saying and give a good response.

Be yourself

I know that it can be difficult to just let all of this go and be yourself. Unless of course, you actually think you are pretty awesome to begin with. For the rest of the world, it takes some time to relax and let the true self out. If someone is not going to like you for who you are, they might never like you. It’s better to show them from the start , or pretend for the rest of your life.

The other person is probably just as nervous as you, but they read this article and are trying to hold it together. Take a deep breath and just let all the nerves go. When I say, let the nerves go, I am not talking about dancing on the table while balancing a shot glass on your nose.

Be positive and fun

No one likes a party pooper, so just be positive and light hearted. You do not want to tell the person all your good ‘knock-knock’ jokes, but you can still crack a joke or two. Make sure you smile and let the other people feel comfortable around you. We are drawn to positive people because it is a natural instinct.

Do not tell them about the time Johnny stole your bike in the 5th grade and how that contributed to your trust issues. Talk about how much you have learned through the years without making it a bragging session. If you forget all of the other tips, do not forget this one. Spread a little light into a tense moment with your positivity.


Meeting people for the first time is never going to be easy, but it does not have to be a nerve wrecking experience. You are already awesome and some positive changes can’t hurt anyone. Only adjust as much as you are comfortable with, but never change who you are to the point where you feel like you are putting up a show. Anyone who is already trying to make a good first impression is winning all the way. Now go out and meet some interesting people with your new set of skills.

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