5 Ways Your Drinking Habit Is Causing You Financial Difficulty

5 Ways Your Drinking Habit Is Causing You Financial Difficulty

Do you struggle with a drinking problem? There’s usually nothing wrong with cracking open your favorite drink before watching the ballgame. Even if you simply need to release a little energy by joining your friends at a bar on the weekend. The problem is when you need friend or two to escort you to the door when you’ve had too much. Drinking too much not only leaves you with a rough hangover in the morning; it can also drain your money.

1. Financial Judgment Impairment

Drinking costs add up quickly, since you usually don’t pay attention to how much you’re buying. You could end up buying drinks for everyone in the bar, racking up over $500 in a single night. Or maybe you’re walking down the street or watching TV and see what looks to be a great product, and buy it, not even thinking about the $200 price tag. And two weeks later, when it shows up on your porch, you’re thinking “Why did I buy this?!” Most people don’t have $200+ to blow on whatever comes along. When these things happen, you could end up short for rent or a bill.

2. Potential Job Termination

People who struggle with alcohol addictions can also struggle to maintain a job. Perhaps you were out drinking late and slept through your shift. Maybe you woke up in time, but the hangover kept you from doing your job as well as you might’ve been able to were you sober. Either way, drinking affects a company’s bottom line and can leave you without a job. This puts an even bigger strain on your finances and you might be even more tempted to drink so you can forget your current situation.

3. Increased Medical Costs

People with alcohol and tobacco problems usually end up suffering serious side effects that can lead to increased illnesses. The reason is because alcohol not only can damage your liver, but it can also badly affect your immune system. You might not be able to fight off even minor illnesses like you would normally be able to. More trips to the doctor’s office and/or the pharmacy for medication can put an even bigger hole in your wallet.

4. Serious Legal Troubles

Arguably one of the worst ways drinking too much can affect you is if you’re pulled over for drunk driving. If you’re above the legal BAC, you’re at the mercy of the justice system. If you post bail, you could be out anywhere from a couple hundred dollars to a few thousand.

Some states even allow victims of drunk driving accidents to seek punitive damages on the drunk driver, which can impact your financial situation even more. It’s of the utmost important to have a backup plan if you’re ever too intoxicated to drive. Get an Uber or call a designated driver to take you home. But don’t get behind the wheel.

5. Rehab Costs

If drinking has gotten too much of a stranglehold on you, the only way to beat it might be through rehab and counseling. Alcohol rehabilitation centers are not cheap, and some charge as much as $10,000 just as a flat fee. Unless you want to possibly deal with that huge financial setback, you should probably think twice before grabbing that second drink at the bar.

Many people suffer consequences when their drinking problems go unaddressed, failing to rein them in until it’s too late. If you’re struggling to manage your problem, tell someone you love or seek out a helpline. Get your life back on track. Even if you don’t drink heavily, it’s still wise to have a safety plan in place every time you have a fun night out.

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