3 Degrees that Are Worth Pursuing

College is a huge expense. When picking a degree, you want to take a lot of things into consideration. You have to like the career outlook, be good at the subject, matter and find a program that works for you. These factors are what add up to make degree-choosing stressful. These are some degrees you should consider and why they are worth your time.

Liberal Arts

Liberal arts degrees teach you a plethora of knowledge that can be applied to nearly any field. There are liberal arts majors working in technology, journalism, business, politics, and even design. The diversity of knowledge is what makes this degree popular. It is a challenging major that should be considered by more individuals. You will learn analytical skills and important communication skills that other degrees might neglect. If anything, this degree will show you how to wear many hats and work strategically in whatever direction your career takes you.

You get a diverse range of classes in liberal arts degrees which makes you multi-talented and well-versed in a lot of different things. Liberal arts degrees are a great degree because they teach students how to think and digest information in the best way possible. You can pursue an online liberal arts associates degree or an in-person bachelor’s degree. There are various programs and structures to take advantage of when pursuing a liberal arts degree.


Engineering is known as a difficult major, but it is a great one. The best thing about being an engineer is being able to find a challenging job that always changes. You’ll get to work with formulas and find yourself problem solving nearly every day. With that being said, this path isn’t for everyone. If you think it could be a good degree for you, take a look at the different types of engineering. There is civil, electrical, industrial, and many others. Prepare to study long and hard, but never get bored.

Engineers are needed at nearly every company. It is an easy topic to be passionate about because of all the problem solving and important projects that engineers work on. This is a collaborative and mentally stimulating degree perfect for those who love challenges.


The best thing about a journalism degree is that it teaches you to be a jack of all trades. There are also a lot of valuable skills being taught in the journalism world because of rapid technology changes. With a journalism degree, you can go into politics, news, advertising, and more. There are so many industries that you can reach with this degree. It gives analytical and creative skills that you can use to succeed in a competitive job market.

An important skill that journalism teaches is how to communicate. With this degree, you can communicate and tackle a lot of skills as well as problem solve efficiently. You learn to work on a deadline as well, which translates well in many fields.

These three degrees all set you up for success in different ways. You can’t go wrong with degrees that teach you to problem solve, work hard, and think outside of the box. These check all the boxes and then some. There is no question that these degrees will be worth pursuing in the long run.

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