The Busy Woman’s Guide to Health

When it comes to being busy, you’re one of the experts. Whether you’re a businesswoman, a flight-hopping travel blogger, or a mother with two kids taking up tons of your time, it seems like you’re always ticking off something new on your to-do list. You’ve mastered the art of multi-tasking, and most of the time, it feels like you’ve got everything under control. But recently, you’ve noticed that your health is suffering–or maybe you feel like it’s about to because you’ve got a big project deadline looming or your kids’ soccer practice starts next month. Whatever your reason, you’re worried about your health. You don’t want it to become less than a prime concern.

We understand: it’s a challenge to juggle so many elements of your life at the same time. But health is important, and it needs to be at the top of your lengthy to-do list. Luckily, even if you’re busy, there are strategies you can use to make health a priority–and here’s how.

Go on a social media detox

Chances are, you’re on social media a lot of the time. After all, in 2017, the average time spent daily on social media was 40 minutes on Youtube, 35 on Facebook, 25 on Snapchat, 15 on Instagram, and one on Twitter. Add all that up, and you’re losing precious time. By going on a social media detox, you’ll suddenly have more time available for healthy activities–and your stress level will be lowered, too.

Additionally, social media itself can be unhealthy. It’s so easy to obsess with how we come across that it can have an impact on our mental health. And the last thing you want is to be addicted to social media! So take a break from social media; install social media blockers if you have to. Suddenly, you’ll be happier and have more time to commit to your health.

Schedule in time for exercise

Speaking of committing to your health…one of the best ways to do that is by scheduling in actual time for exercise. Otherwise, it’s way too easy for that time to slip away. We all know what it’s like, to stay in bed for an extra twenty minutes or watch another episode of our favorite Netflix show. So schedule exercise into your Google calendar three to five times a week. Between 1990 and 2017, the adult obesity rate was at least 30 percent in 29 states, and at or above 35 percent in seven states. It’s important to exercise in a society where rates are so high.

If you’re constantly rushing around or traveling to different cities for work, think about using ClassPass. They give you access to all kinds of classes, from pilates to yoga to HIIT classes, in cities all over the US and several international cities. All you need to do is show up with your exercise clothes once you’ve booked the class. But even taking twenty minutes during your lunch break is better than anything, however much time you’ve got.

Cook in bulk–and write down what you eat

Another easy way to be healthy when you’re busy is by cooking in bulk. By picking one day a week when you cook a ton of food you can take to the office or with you on the go, you don’t have to stress out every day about what you’re going to cook for dinner. If you’re a busy mom, consider adding cooking to the kids’ list of chores, teaching them about healthy eating while you cook alongside them. To get inspired, check out this list of freezable recipes from Delicious Magazine.

Additionally, write down what you eat. That way, you can start being aware of your eating habits, and figuring out what to cut out. Speaking of cutting out, an easy way to quickly be healthy is by cutting out sugary drinks like juice and soda and drinking less. After all, there are between 70 and 90 calories in 100 ml of wine, which adds up after a couple of glasses of rosé.

Make time for rest and mental health

Finally, don’t forget to take a break every once in a while. Schedule in time at the spa, or even just twenty minutes to relax and watch your favorite TV show. Make sure you get at least seven hours of sleep a night. Even though this will slightly slow you down day-to-day, it’s amazing for your health in the long-run.

Mental health is also a priority everyone should have. If you’re busy, you’re going to have lots of stressors, which means you might end up struggling with your mental health. If you suspect you need a therapist, make time for that, too–and if you’re too busy, get an online therapist so you can call or Skype directly from home. 18.1 percent of American adults experience an anxiety disorder in 2017, so it’s smart to do regular mental health check-ins and give yourself “me time” at least once a week.

These are the best ways to stay healthy–even when you’re busy. What strategies do you do to stay healthy when you’re always on the go?

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