Spruce up Your Storefront for Christmas

The holiday season is nearly upon us, and homes, towns, and businesses are already thinking about their decorative choices this winter. While many people choose to decorate their homes out of personal preference, business decoration is a different creature altogether. Commercial Christmas decorations run the gamut from simple wreath layouts to brilliant light displays, but they all serve the same purpose: attracting customers to your store while giving your retail space a lively and fun atmosphere.

Why decorate at all?

Decoration is a cornerstone of driving foot traffic to your business. All astute managers know the value of a well-crafted display and common sense floor layout. The same is true for restaurants and other service industry providers. Well designed, clean layouts are key to attracting new customers and keeping the ones you already have.

Christmas decorations fit directly into this marketing strategy. By maintaining an attractive storefront and making seasonal alterations to the look and feel of your store, customers will feel a sense of freshness about the character of your business and feel good about browsing your floor or sitting down for a meal in one of your booths.

Smart seasonal design promotes more business

Seasonal designs — and Christmas decorations in particular — inspire a sense of childlike wonder in shoppers. It makes them want to experience your gateway into the magical rather than your neighbor’s. But this only goes so far, and if you go too far with your decorations, you’re liable to give your customers a headache from the glare of too many bulbs. Likewise, under decorating can result in the same outcome, since shoppers will see that you have given only a tiny effort and will attach that feeling to your products as well.

Christmastime is the perfect season to get into the spirit of decorating. Shoppers spent over an estimated one trillion dollars just two years ago on Christmas related gift expenses. Gift givers are more engaged than ever when it comes to shopping for their loved ones. By creating an eye catching façade and corresponding interior, you can capitalize on this hyper-energized buying atmosphere and draw in record numbers of customers this year. And restaurants also see a spike in attendance during the holiday season. By creating a memorable appearance, potential diners will think of your kitchen first when deciding where to enjoy their dinners.

Choose the best setup strategy

Some businesses opt to set up decorations themselves. This may work for local businesses, smaller office spaces, or those with the good fortune to employ a uniquely talented decorator with a flair for Christmas spirit. Many other operations, neighborhoods, towns, and shopping malls choose to hire out this task to professional designers. Whatever option fits your needs, a few considerations are important for setting up your best Christmas display this year.

It is primarily important to evaluate your energy consumption and budget constraints. The first thing you should do is make sure you’re putting out LED lights instead of the traditional incandescent bulbs. LEDs consume a fraction of the power required to light older bulbs and therefore cost significantly less in the long run.

It is also worth considering the scope of your decorating ambitions. If you hope to create an awe inspiring storefront this winter, then it may be worth consulting a professional, even if you have the manpower to do it yourself. Along with design help, professional decorators are skilled at running the wire that will power your lights in a safe and carefully thought out manner. There is nothing worse than stringing up all your lights before blowing a fuse due to a miscalculated power draw. Leaving this to a professional will eliminate the headache before it starts.

Consider your Christmas decorations carefully this year. A well designed display can net you exponential increases in customer support that will last well into the new year.

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