Purchase Guard Expands Dispute Resolution Service with Key Hires

Purchase Guard (at, the dispute resolution service that puts the power back into the hands of online shoppers everywhere, has recently increased the scale of its operations. With a raft of new hires in its operations team, the company looks set to increase the number of merchants and consumers it works with.

The Purchase Guard solution has been developed over the past year as a way for consumers to be able to resolve disputes with merchants. For example, if an online shopper feels that he/she hasn’t received the goods that he/she paid for, that shopper can contact Purchase Guard and get one of their agents to negotiate with the merchant on their behalf, to reach a solution which will be acceptable on both sides.

There are a wide variety of disputes that can be accommodated by Purchase Guard. For example, shoppers can file disputes for the following reasons:

  • Service or product not received: This means the shopper has not received the purchase as it was advertised.
  • Purchase not authorized: This means the shopper was charged but never authorized the purchase.
  • Cancelled services: This means the shopper cancelled the service but continued to be charged.
  • Withdrawal not processed: This means the shopper sought a refund (or withdrawal of funds), but the withdrawal was never received.
  • Services defective: This means the shopper received the product/service, but it was materially different from what the shopper expected to receive.

When a user files a dispute, he/she is required to provide additional information, such as documentation that will support their case. Additionally, the shopper is expected to explain how he/she would like for the dispute to be resolved – for example, to get a refund or to have an alternative product/service delivered.

Once the dispute has been filed, the dispute management team at Purchase Guard will contact the merchant on the shopper’s behalf. They will take everything into account when trying to reach a resolution with the merchant. The key here is for the merchant to agree to an outcome that is acceptable to both the shopper and the merchant.

Purchase Guard has been working with a limited set of merchants on a pilot basis, but the trials have gone well, so the company is now in the process of extending its coverage and scaling-up its operations. Among the new hires are dedicated dispute resolution team members who will be responsible for liaising with end-users and engaging in negotiations with merchants.

Purchase Guard looks like a promising service in an era where online shopping is growing at a rapid rate. As its operations grow, more online shoppers will be able to shop with complete confidence knowing that they can always file a complaint with Purchase Guard if something about their purchase experience isn’t quite right or legit. According to the company, the early results have been very promising and have led to positive outcomes for both consumers and merchants alike.

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