5 Online Marketplaces To Join That Are Not Etsy

5 Online Marketplaces To Join That Are Not Etsy

Businesses of handmade goods know how hard it is to marketing and sell their products online. Etsy has been amazing, but as everyone knows it can be so difficult to capitalize on from visibility to being copied. So here are five online marketplaces that you can join outside of Etsy that any handmade small business can have access to.

Handmade At Amazon

Open for handmade businesses for two years now, there are no mass-produced products are allowed here. Handmade At Amazon has access to over 300 million active customers. There are no fees to list your products, but there is a 12% fee from what you sell.


Artfire is a marketplace exclusive to handmade indie brands. The most notable feature of ArtFire is that if potential customers cannot find what they are looking for, they can create a wanted ad for a custom-made product. These wanted ads are available for any handmade small business to fulfill. Plus there are periodic competitions for the sellers to engage in. Winners usually receive a large amount of exposure on the ArtFire home page.


Bonanza is really cool because it allows potential buyers to follow specific sellers to get exclusive coupons. It operates like an ordinary commission marketplace but beware — there are brands listed that are not specifically handmade. The biggest draw is that sellers can import both their Etsy and eBay brands into Bonanza with no membership or listing fees.


Finally!  There’s small business marketplace that embraces indie brands. It’s both a store and a social marketplace with no technical skills required. This marketplace is great because there’s a little bit of everything and the products are truly unique. If you feel this sounds like your small business, Storenvy is for you. New users get to give it a go with 500 free product listings and a free customizable website.


Great for existing Etsy sellers looking to branch out, Zibbet is a good choice. There’s plenty of room to grow, plus the ability to import from Etsy. From customizable websites, a super simple set up advance statistics to help you grow your small business, this is it. Plus there are no listing or selling fees.

Online marketplaces are not only for businesses that reside in the city. These can be wonderful choices for rural small businesses too! For more information on rural high-speed Internet for business in your area, come check us out at Satellite For Internet.

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