Two-Way Radios-How are they Superior over Cell Phones?

The origin of two-way radios dates back to 1800s. They were commonly used in planes and ships to relay essential and urgent information. However, the two-way radios are far from being extinct in the market, they have become more advanced and efficient. In a business that requires constant communication two-way radios can work well. They can perform tasks an ordinary cell phone may be unable to do. Two-way Radios Rental offers the best and most efficient radios in the market.

How are the two-way radios more superior than cell phones?

  • Ability to connect even in remote areas

A cell phone will lose its signal in remote areas. Areas such as thick forests and deep seas often don’t have mobile signals. A two-way radio does not need any external signals for communication-it has inbuilt radio to radio signals for communication. In such areas employees can communicate clearly through the two-way radio service.

  • Battery durability

A two-way radio battery can store power for money than 16 hours while a regular cell phone will last for a maximum of 5-8 hours. It is a reliable mode of communication as the battery will not run out during the employee’s shift. Even in the areas where there is no access to power-the two-way radio will be used conveniently without shutting down.

  • Very fast in times of emergencies

Sending an alert in case of emergencies at once is possible. Using cell phones means you will need to call each employee through their phone. A two-way radio can relay urgent messages within seconds. Advanced options of the two-way radios can send alert messages in case of an accident, and the holder of the receiver is unable to.

  • Cost-effective

To use the two-way radio, you don’t need any subscriptions, unlike cell phones. It is a cheap way of communicating with a large number of people. Cutting operating costs in a business is essential to ensure the company makes high returns. Acquiring a two-way radio is also cheaper than buying a cell-phone. Maintenance cost of two-way communication is minimal.

  • Safe to use in the field

A phone breaks easily, especially in heavy-duty activities. A two-way radio is appropriately sealed to protect it from damages. It is also water resistant and will not malfunction due to infiltration of water. It is also resistant to dust and wind.

  • Clarity in communication

When you are in a noisy environment, it is impossible to receive or transmit a clear message. However, two-way radios can filter out any noises on the background and accurately capture the signal being received or sent. They are more efficient than a cell phone in communication.

Bottom Line

Use of two-radios is advantageous in any business environment. They can also not be used by employees to make personal calls. You can quickly determine who is in possession of the radio. It improves communication in a business which is essential for efficient production.

Two- way radios are easy to use. Employees can receive and transmit information quickly. It is possible to locate the precise radio location making it efficient in case of emergencies. Using a two-way radio will elevate the level of efficiency of communication in the business.

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