Tips for Getting through a Rough Patch – Lessons from the Swedish

We all know how it feels to scrape your pennies together and hope to make it until the end of the month when your next paycheck arrives. In Sweden, the cost of living is quite high and residents of this country need to make sure to save where they can when going through a rough patch. Applying for a personal loan or smslån can be an option, but in order to pay that loan off, you still need to save money while you go through the dips of a financial crisis.

Shopping for home brand products

It is a known fact that name brand products are more expensive than home brand products. Some even go so far as to say that if you buy brand name products, you are only paying for the exclusive packaging and not the content of the package. You can rest assured that the content of brand name and home brand products are exactly the same. The only difference is that brand-name products represent specific companies, thus making them more expensive. So, when you are going through a rough patch, shopping home brand is the way to go!

Second-hand buying is a good thing

In Sweden, purchasing second-hand items are like finding hidden treasures. In this country, it is the norm that one man’s trash is another’s treasure. Many items you purchase that are second-hand still looks brand new but will be cheaper than its original, brand new price tag. There are many shops and companies that specialise in selling second-hand goods, so start buying second-hand to save a few pennies.

Biking and walking – cheaper and healthier

In Sweden, it is common to see people walking or biking to work – if your work is near your home. Travelling can be quite expensive and whenever possible, bike or walk to where you need to be to save some extra pennies. Apart from that, you can get some exercise, giving you a healthier lifestyle in return! 

Bring your own in Sweden

It is common for people to buy lunch at a diner near their work as it is more convenient and saves time while busy with the morning rush. This, in fact, costs you a lot more than just time. By bringing your own lunch to work, you not only watch what you eat, you save a whole lot on prepared food from diners. It does not just stop with bringing your own lunch to work. You can take your own plastic bags when you go shopping, thus saving a few pennies at the counter as you need to purchase plastic bags if you don’t have any.

The people of Sweden know how to save and when rainy days come along, they will have extra savings to keep close. Thus, when they find themselves in a bad financial patch, they can feel great about saving as that in fact, saved them now!

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