Perfect Elements for the Proper Safety in Software Testing

Safety is one of the most important factors in online work to be efficient and productive. In contrast to a fixed workplace, an online workplace also has a different way of looking at security, namely that of the cloud. By means of always ready and up-to-date systems, an optimal security of important data and information is ensured, so that you as a user can safely work in the online workplace.

In addition, good physical and procedural safety is also very important to ensure the protection of an ICT platform. This will be possible with the help of accredited parties and their certifications. After all, it is all about the core of your organization data and that deserves optimum security.


Just like software that is functional and does exactly what is expected of it, an online workplace must always work. Having access to your online desktop anytime and anywhere is very important. Only in this way you can work efficiently and you can always count on a system that never takes a break. Hardware and software is a delicate thing but thanks to proper maintenance and regular updates can be assured that an online desktop is always functional. Exactly what it takes to always have access to your files, applications and email! Visit continuitysa now for the best results now.

Mobility, for remote work

One of the biggest changes in the field of work that has occurred in the last decades is that you can actually take your work with you wherever you go. People no longer just work on their computers or offices: more and more people work outside the home and the growing number of mobile devices is proof of this.

Nevertheless, it is important to be able to safely store, manage and store company data and information. Mobility solutions therefore offer the solution in the form of Mobile Application Management (MAM) or Mobile Device Management (MDM). In this way, the security of data is guaranteed, making it easier to manage and share. In addition, this enables you to work on any type of device, from IPod to Chromebook.

Optimum speed

Working fast is also important to get as much out of your online workplace as possible. Simple data and data can be adjusted, smoothly with applications at work or sending e-mails are things that all contribute to the efficiency of a company. An online workplace makes that possible and is therefore indispensable for every company that considers efficiency to be of paramount importance.

Knowledge and expertise

One of the biggest challenges for SME (plus) companies and entrepreneurs is being able to count on good technical support in managing the ICT platform and providing (telephone) support. Companies can only benefit too much from applying the right knowledge to optimize, maintain and secure the online workplace. A partner specialized in this is perfect to call for both support and specific knowledge. Often this partner has extended opening hours for support and sufficient capacity for certified employees.

Online email, more overview on e-mails

Thanks to Hosted Exchange, mailboxes can be centrally stored in an extremely secure environment. All employees must have access to e-mail anytime and anywhere and this function makes this possible via the Outlook apps on your smartphone, laptop or browser. In this way, the use of mail via an online workplace becomes safer and more enjoyable!

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