How To Use Colors Properly In Marketing Materials?

Marketing materials should have impressive design and we shouldn’t just grab any generic design off the shelf. If we want to get positive end results, it is important that marketing materials are appealing enough. Colors are essential to catch people attention and if colors are effective enough, people will eventually read the marketing materials. Other for attracting potential buyers, colors in marketing materials are also able to reinforce and shape our messages. Although most buyers are logical in their buying decisions, emotion still plays a huge factor; especially if customers are dealing with multiple products that have identical values and functionality. When we use colors, we should make sure that they are able to help readers to make sense of the words. Colors can help us to create eye-catching visuals in an interesting package. Based on experiment and experience, we will be able to capture the attention nof the audience with suitable colors in marketing material.

The type of color we choose could depen on the type of industry and consumers. As an example, we could choose colors that generate bold and exciting look, but we may also choose a conservative look. We should check our message and we need to choose colors that are congruent. If we are not sure about the color that we should choose, we may start with blue. It’s a neutral color that can be suitable for many consumers and industries. Eventually, we may fine tune the color selection to come up with a more suitable one. Grey is a good color if we want our marketing material to look conservative and clean. However, for younger and active consumers; these colors could leave nothing for their eyes to focus on. It means that we need to use bolder colors for them. In this case, we may consider using brighter hues of orange, red and yellow, perhaps with a few contrasting dark blue elements. These high-energy colors could deliver strong statements to active consumers.

For industries that are dealing with natural elements, they may consider using aquatic colors, earthy tones and other natural hues. For consumers who are geared for a vacation or holiday season, it is important to use corresponding colors that are relevant to the colors commonly used by the festivities. If we want to prioritize on cleanliness and purity, we should focus on white or lighter hues. For documents, we should use only white background to improve readability. If we want to use textured background, we should make sure that it’s very light, but still somewhat visible. If we want to prioritize on elegance, formality, power and authority; we should choose black and other darker hues. With black, we should be able to make bolder statements. When we want to pair black with other colors in marketing materials; we should choose darker hues, such as purple to generate powerful impressions. Trustworthiness and money could be represented with hues of green. Brown may represent longevity, stability and reliability.

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