How An Automatic Lead Capture System Can Boost Your Business

An automatic lead capture system eliminates all unnecessary admin that costs your business time and money. But how does it work?

How an Automatic Lead Capture System Works

This system scan can manage all your leads. A lead is when your system filters to find and analyse information you need to ensure happy clients. These come through calls, emails or other forms of communication. It arranges them in order of priority and automatically send the person responsible for the query or feedback.

With this there is no longer a need for micro-management. This system eradicates the need for excuses, you will have all the information you need.

An automatic lead system creates self-managing opportunities for your team. No more complaining of managers who are micromanaging because all leads will be sent directly to them regardless of department. Whatever you or your team is responsible for, you will never lose a lead again.

Is it compatible with my web format pages?

Leadtrekker is compatible with most website formats including:

•             Drupal
•             HTML 5
•             Bootstrap
•             Joomla!
•             Magneto
•             Rails
•             WordPress
•             Php
•             Phython
•             Alfresco

What is automated business assignment?

The moment a lead arises it is analysed based oncriteria and assigned to a salesperson. This way response time improves and no lead is left unattended to. Leadtrekker’s dynamic lead solutions sends real-time notifications in the form of SMS and Email to ensure the lead doesn’t go unnoticed.

What happens if the person the lead was automatically assigned to does not respond?

Leadtrekker is equipped with lead management tools that tick all the boxes. If the team member the lead was assigned to doesn’t respond in a timely fashion someone else will be notified. The person notified will likely be someone the team member reports to. You can track the speed with which the person accountable follows up on leads for better response time and reporting.

Dynamic reporting allows you to see where your marketing efforts are most effective and where they can improve. The slow response time is easily fixed when you know where you are losing potential leads.

Get Leadtrekker today and never lose a lead again.

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