Getting Results from The Team You Manage

Getting Results from The Team You Manage

When you’re in management position all the problems you face eventually come down to getting results from your team. A dearth of resources affects impacts your team’s ability to do their job effectively. A toxic individual redirects efforts away from the achievements your team should be striving towards and to mitigating their damaging behaviour. Even decisions from senior management need to be understood in terms of how they affect your team’s ability to meet it’s targets.

To preserve your own reputation as a manager and to defend and expand your team, you need to make sure that their efforts are producing quantifiable results for the company. Today we’re presenting a few tips for making sure the people you manage are bringing you the results you need.

Communications That Work

If you’re trying to make sure the people you manage are doing valuable, relevant work that leads to results you can show to the company, you need to make sure you’re communicating effectively. Clear communication means your team understands their goals, and the overall goals of the company and can make sure the two align.

If you need to really make an impact with a meeting, try taking it off site. Getting people out of their usual environment will make the information you have to impart stick in their mind and make it clear it’s high priority. If you need to find a venue in the centre of the country and are looking for a meeting room in Manchester, click here for more information. This is a particularly useful tactic if the team you manage is distributed across the country. With remote working on the increase, its possible to manage a large team of people who don’t see each other from one week to the next, so organising occasional physical meet-ups is a necessity to get your team working cohesively.

Tactical Rewards

It’s important to make sure that when you distribute rewards to members of your team, you really are rewarding helpful behaviours. Whether it’s official or merely a casual recognition of people’s behaviour you can end up creating a harmful that doesn’t create results but instead leads to burnout for your team.

If you reward individual achievement too much you will set your team competing against each other rather than working for the collective good. This will undermine the results your team is turning out: competition like this undermines the trust and collaboration you need to be fostering. Instead, making sure the whole team sees the benefits of exceptional achievements that further the business’ objectives incentivises the sort of results of you need and ensures the team’s energy will not be frittered away in competition.

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