Gain A Wide Spectrum Of Audience With Sencha Mobile Development


Sencha mobile development services can be considered no less than a magic, when it comes to creating apps with a richer user interface, a high-performing functionality and an engaging user experience.

Considering the rate at which the smartphone usage is growing, it has become imperative for businesses to ensure that their apps run on multiple platforms and operating systems. Sencha touch eradicates this problem by emerging as a touch-optimized framework. The framework is used to create HTML5 based mobile apps that function on Android, iOS, BlackBerry to produce a native-app-like experience inside a mobile browser. It offers some wonderful features that are specific to mobile app development. Sencha mobile development services help creating apps with better user experiences including full set of rich UI controls, full support for theming, MVC support, data binding and so on.

Extensive features of Sencha mobile development:

Touch events:

Sencha apps comprises an entire range of touch events and indications like swipe, tap and pinch.

Feature detection:

It automatically identifies the presence of features including geolocation, canvas and orientation support.

Backend Agnostic data package:

UI widgets found in Sencha app decouple the data layer with a strong data package. This agnostic data package allows client-side collection of data using functional models with features like sorting and filtering.


Sencha touch imparts entire AJAX support, including CORS and JSON-P.

Adaptive layouts and smooth scrolling:

The layout engine leverages HTML5 by simplifying the process of switching from landscape to portrait. It ensures the pixel perfection as the framework uses scrolling and animation for each device.

Native packaging:

Sencha touch imparts access to native API’s with the help of its Ext Device API, i.e connection notification, orientation and cameras.

Native looking UI components:

Sencha touch offers comprehensive collection of UI widgets that include lists, menus, forms, carousels and toolbars.


Sencha touch easily helps in the development of mobile applications that generates an appealing UI. Based on a cross-platform approach, Sencha touch is one of the best solutions for enterprise-ready mobile applications. It features strict coding standards to come up with feature-rich, fully functional and engaging mobile apps.

With a rich set of documentation which makes the development extra productive, Sencha apps ensure an advanced mobile app development process. Known for its cost-effective solutions, Sencha is a preferable framework than other native platform.

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