5 Tricks For Surviving Next Year’s Snow

5 Tricks For Surviving Next Year’s Snow

Depending on where you live, you may STILL have snow. Spring is just around the corner, but it might be taking its sweet time. If you’re ready to be done with this white stuff and move on to warmer temperatures, you’re not alone! While some of us enjoy those Christmas flurries, by March and April, we’re ready for it to end!

If you feel like the snow and the cold got the best of you this year, don’t let next winter do the same. Getting ready for next year’s snow season is easier than you think. With a little maintenance, a little remodeling, and your experience with Mother Nature, next winter can be much better.

Check Your Furnace

Did you feel abnormally chilly this year? Your heat may turn on, but your furnace might not work optimally. Having a warm place to come home to is the first step when it comes to surviving snow, so get your furnace checked out. Heating and furnace repair go hand in hand, so if you felt chilly this year, get your furnace repaired.

Get a Garage

If you had to clean off your car every morning it snowed, you probably hate the sight of the stuff by now. Still half-asleep and wishing you were warm in bed, you cleaned off your car. You stood in cold sludge and felt your fingers freeze until every last bit of ice was gone. If you’re dreading a repeat of this ordeal, get a garage. It’s surprisingly easy, if you have any carpentry skills, to build your own garage. Or, have one built for you. You’ll be grateful for it all winter long.

Get a New Roof

If it’s time for a new roof anyway, and the snow really piled up last winter, you might consider getting a metal roof. Residential metal roofing is cheaper and easier to maintain than shingle roofing, and snow slides off it. If you suffered under heaps of snow this winter, or if you had to get on top of your house with a shovel, a metal roof will help solve your snow-pile-problems.

Get a Better Coat

Did you just run from building to building all winter long? If the cold weather sends pain straight into your bones, you might want to consider getting a better coat. Tasks like taking the dog for a walk, shoveling snow, and cleaning off your car –if you don’t get that garage– are all much easier to bear with a good coat and a solid pair of boots.

Find One Thing You Love About Snow

You can’t hate snow completely, if you learn to love one aspect of it. Maybe you need to dust off your childhood sled and take to the hills, or take photographs every time it snows. A quiet, thick snowfall can be a mesmerizing experience. Deliberately heading into the snow feels different than just surviving it on the way to work. Find ways to thrive on the beauty or fun of the snow, and do that as much as you can. When you learn to appreciate one part of the snow, you’ll feel less grouchy about the rest of it.

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