Productivity Tips From Successful Entrepreneurs

Productivity Tips From Successful Entrepreneurs


It’s no secret that everyone wants to be successful.  However, in today’s modern world, it is difficult to reach certain goals in the workplace.  There are several things that distract you in a normal office setting.

However, more people are working from home, and reaching their goals.  But, how are they getting it done?  The following information will give you several suggestions you can use to become a successful entrepreneur.

Working From Home

Until recently, the thought of working from home was often considered taboo.  After all, you were expected to work in the office, and meet people face-to-face.  However, as PhoneCheck explains, people can work from anywhere as long as they get the job done.  “Whether they’re working from home or sharing communal workspaces, remote workers have to make sure that they can stay in touch with their clients, supervisors, and contacts at all times.”  New technology makes it easier to communicate from any location.  So, it has become essential for workers.  

In fact, PhoneCheck also tells us that many workers “feel most comfortable working from their own homes.”  You don’t have to wear a uniform, and you can set your own schedule.  There are several other ways to work from home, and be productive.

Productivity Tips From Successful Entrepreneurs

Take An Extra Day Off

By Tuesday or Wednesday, you probably start feeling the stress that comes from a typical work week.  However, Business Insider has a solution.  You can use one day to clear your schedule.  Don’t make any meeting for that day.  Instead, use that time to catch up on any projects.  It’s a valuable tool that you can use to become more productive.  You not only are catching up on your work.  You are also freeing the rest of the week up for any meetings or assignments you may have.

Create A Mind Map

Anyone who has a job also has several tasks to accomplish in any given week.  Why not write them down?  You can easily list your To-Do list.  But, create some kind of organization for it.  If you create a hierarchy for each task, you will not only have it listed.  You will be able to prioritize that list based on importance.  Doing so will help you look at each task separately, and stop looking at the list as one big ball, which would stress anyone out.

Turn Your Phone Off

You may think it’s easier said than done.  But, if you think about it, you will remember a time when we didn’t have smartphones that got in the way of productivity.  You can easily go back to that era when you’re working.  Just turn it off – or at least put it on silent in case there is an emergency.  That way, you still have your phone.  But, you won’t hear the beeps and buzzing that often accompany a notification.  If you’re like most people, they can distract you, and take you away from what you’re doing.  Don’t let it happen.  Quiet your phone.  The world can wait.

Tell People Your Schedule

If turning your phone off doesn’t work, you always have another option.  As Inc. suggests, you can tell people your schedule.  Once they know when you’re busy, they won’t – or shouldn’t – bother you as much.  You may have to remind them that you are working while still in your home.  So, don’t be afraid to speak up, and tell your friends and family that you will talk to them after you get your work done.

Productivity Tips From Successful Entrepreneurs

Set Your Own Rules And Structure

Only you know when, and how, you work best.  Once you are aware of that, create your own productivity schedule.  During your peak work hours, make sure you  get things done.  Don’t dilly-dally.  You’ve already created your mind map (see the above section).  So, you know what has to get done, and when.  Take advantage of the time you’ve blocked off for work, and work on tasks.  After all, you’re working from home, and have set your own schedule.  But, the deadlines will always be there.  Make sure your schedule meets your needs.


Working from home has become easier in recent years thanks to new technology.  Taking the extra steps explained here will improve your chances at success.  Before you know it, you’ll reaching every goal you set for yourself in a manner that works for you.  As a result, you’ll be a successful entrepreneur sooner than you think.

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