How Pinterest Can Be Helpful In Your Job Search

How Pinterest Can Be Helpful In Your Job Search

The internet has revolutionized many, if not all aspects of our lives. There was a time when having your resume online would seem absurd, but with LinkedIn, it is now a reality. Many people use social media platforms for entertainment purposes.

It could be that you are looking for home décor ideas, memes, funny videos, etc. However, you can use these platforms to leverage yourself in your job search. While you look for best resume writing service , below are ways in which you can use Pinterest for personal branding:

Pin your Resume

One important feature of the job search is one’s resume. While many of us think of resumes as the black and white documents, you can have a resume board. Use it to make a visual representation of your resume.

Include logos that link to the companies you previously worked for, upload photos that demonstrate your accomplishments. You can also showcase your awards or certificates. Let your pins give a visual story of your career progression.

Use the text box to give a describe the uploaded images.

Follow experts in your Industry

Stay up to date with the latest trends or topics in your area of expertise by following other people in your profession. If you find an interesting article; you can share it on your board. There are also numerous career experts that use Pinterest.

Follow the experts and learn the basics needed by free resume writing services. Learn from the shared tips from college career experts, e.g., Penn State. If you are unemployed, the 405 Club, may be a place to start in your job search.

Link it

If your account isn’t private or you post professional content, you can link it to your other social media accounts. Spice up your LinkedIn portfolio with a link to your interest account. Add it to your business cards and email signature.

Share it on Instagram, add it to your Facebook profile and Twitter handle. Ensure that all content you share is what you would like potential employers or clients to see.

Build your brand

Demonstrate your expertise by sharing items relevant to your skill set. When describing the articles, use appropriate words that will increase your appearance in Google search. Be yourself and share posts, photos that support your brand.

The cheap resume services should ensure to showcase your taste, and strengths. So, should your Pinterest board.

Get freelance work using your project board

While you can get various ideas for your projects on the platform, you can use it to expose and build your skills. As a highly visual platform, it can be used to share your projects. You may be able to generate new leads for your business and generate ideas for your business.

Showcase your completed projects and get the attention of potential customers.

Follow the boards of potential employers

In the job search process, you probably have companies that you would like to join. Use interest to learn more about them, about their culture, work environment, sensibility, to tone. Connect with them by commenting on their pins.

You can re-pin the content they share. Establish a connection with potential employers.


Pinterest isn’t a platform to learn about the new fashion trends, food, recipes, or baby birthday parties. You can use it to make you stand out from other candidates in your job search. Learn about the prospective employers, create a visual resume and find out tips to apply in the job search process.

Don’t forget to build your brand.

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